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We have multiple technical solutions to help you enter the “game industry”easily.We can provide you with complete solutions at the global leading level for all the technologies of games like planning, design, arts, development, operation,maintenance,and security.

As for the cooperation mode, we have Game customization, combined operation and development, technology investment and joint venture.



Game customization




Mobile games: development of ACT, FTG, AVG, STG, SLG; 

Corporate games: customized case resolution for corporate games, in-house games, corporate IP games, brand marketing, etc. 

Interactive entertainment games: Kinect, VR/AR(virtual reproduction of historical and cultural background , Scenic Mythology and culture & tourism) Engine Unity 3D/LayaAir,Server Java/C++


Game art customization



2D: UI, Icons, Characters, Scenes, Actions, Effects; 

3D: Hand-painted characters, hand-painted scenes, three-shaded two characters, three shading two scenes, props, weapons, actions, special effects; 

Next Generation CG: Characters, Scenes, Props, Weapons, CG Models, CG Animation.


Game operation




Game Operations Qualification applying,third-party service platform interface applying,professional game stress testing,app store publishing;

 User importing, operation planning, marketing channels, game promoting, advertising, event updating, operation and maintenance, player operation, data analysis, distribution channel docking.    



Corporate IP Games



Corporate crossover cooperation

Corporate own IP, large number of own user groups,nationwide brand,with physical industry and its own unique culture,improve stickiness of users and brand effect, secondary cash flow from user traffic, promotion of corporate IP and culture; 

Creating public image, culture, industrial characteristics according to corporate features and carry on elaborate,; Provide one-stop technical support for game development and operation.  




Functional Game




Functional games which mainly used in military training, industrial knowledge, medical and health, education and training, skills training and rehabilitation to teach knowledge and skills and provide professional training and simulation as the main purpose;

Designed for professional fields with related experts and professors!






Travel Games





     AAAA Scenic Area with it’s specific cultural history, mythological allusions and humanistic legends; 

    A large-scale game experience hall can be set up in the scenic area for visitors to experience the history and cultural; 

   Creating with specific scenic IP and peripheral products;

   Refining tourist flow in scenic spots and enriching scenic features without excessive investment in scenic spots; 

   Reusing the visitors flow rate and enriching the features of scenic spots without Too much input;    

   Creating game products and cultural experience hall according to cultural features of the scenic;     Provide one-stop technical support for game products and experience hall.     



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